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Swiftlet – How It All Began

In a sense, Swiftlet began over a decade ago, when founder Arthit Hongchintakul went to work with software giant ThoughtWorks in the United States. It was there he cut his teeth with a tight-knit group of developers, learning the ropes of the industry, taking note of the way ThoughtWorks diligently implemented agile methodology in order to consistently bring out the best from its employees.

Camaraderie, challenge, collaboration, a characteristic drive to be better today than yesterday. Under these principles Arthit and his co-workers transformed from greenhorn post-grads to confident professionals who loved to go to work. When Arthit returned to Thailand, he knew what he wanted to do, and he knew how to do it, too.

His brainchild, Swiftlet, would be guided by the same values that turned him into a professional.

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Over the past 8 years, we continue to deliver high-quality software and services for our customers.

Agile Development Bangkok

Swiftlet Today, Leading Agile Software Development in Thailand

Formed in 2012, Swiftlet has steadily grown from its start-up roots. With a not-so-secret goal of becoming the best, the go-to, the face of agile software development in Thailand, Arthit and the team are more than hard-working techies—they are friends that come to work wearing wide smiles, eager to perfect their products, charged by their desire to innovate each and every day.

Swiftlet stands at the vanguard of agile software development in Thailand. But, tellingly, no one on the team is content to rest on their laurels. They keep going, ceaselessly pushing back boundaries. And they do it all while bringing integrity and flexibility to the industry and a smile to their clients.