Corporate Social Responsibility – Developing an Agile in Thailand

Agile in Thailand

At Swiftlet, corporate social responsibility is the very essence of what we do: we build people, not software. We want to be the best Agile in Thailand.

We work openly, collectively, together. We know that if Swiftlet can turn young men and women into highly skilled professionals, professionals that become the cornerstone of the software and technology market in Thailand, then we have done our job.

Our employees are part of our family. Just like every family, children grow up and leave. We celebrate those moments. We hope that our employees eventually start their own companies and help bring Thailand to the forefront of technology.

Internships, Training, and Cooperative Education Programs

Thai people are capable of doing anything given an opportunity. We truly believe that. And, as luck would have it, we are thrilled to be able to provide some of those opportunities. In an effort to educate and further involve Thai people in IT, we have spearheaded a few notable projects:

  • Ruby on Rails Training Sessions

To date, Swiftlet has held a few Ruby on Rails (a.k.a. “Rails”) training sessions, mostly at universities, and we have more in the pipeworks. These sessions are open to anyone interested in learning about the popular full-stack framework: students, professors, IT staff—really, anyone.

  • Internships and Cooperative Education Programs

Young, talented, and above all passionate students who want to pursue a career in Thailand’s IT industry are invited to apply for an internship at Swiftlet. Interning with Swiftlet is win-win: our interns get an amazing experience in which they learn the skills and tactics they will need to thrive in the industry, and we get to help mold the future of the industry in its own right.

But internships are not all we have to offer promising IT students. We are in the process of sponsoring students to compete in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC), a competitive programming contest that pits teams from around the world against each other. At Swiftlet, we know that investments in the present will pay out large in the future.

Integrity and Honesty in Everything We Do

We don’t ask our employees to be perfect people, but we do ask that they work with integrity, honesty, and a high degree of professionalism. We ask that our employees come to work ready to learn each day, because no one is too old to learn something new.

One of the greatest skills we teach is the ability to work with people, not just machines. We value our relationships with clients, but building the trust that’s needed to form a successful partnership is no small task. So we make sure to treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

The Future of Thailand Is Our Responsibility

With the right attitude, employees at Swiftlet can reach incredible levels of expertise in agile methodology, software development and web technologies. We believe they can be better than they have ever dreamed, as long as they buy in to our team’s commitment to greatness. Dedicated, self-motivated, and brilliant, our employees will provide a brighter future for Thailand, and we know it.