Agile Project Manager in Bangkok

Agile Project Manager

Salary negotiable based on skill and experience.

We are hiring Agile Project Manager to work on our many fascinating projects in our Bangkok office.

Role and Responsibility

  1. Agile project management
  2. Progress reports for product owners
  3. Leadership role in project team
  4. Quality, Feature, Cost control
  5. Build and maintain good client rapport
  6. Corporate introduction and sales pitch


  1. Gender, Age, Degree, Experience, Certification irrelevant
  2. Attitude

    • Passionate in Agile project management and relationship management
    • Quality oriented
    • Diligent
    • Passionate learner
    • Strong team spirit
    • Can give and take constructive criticism
  3. Aptitude

    • Expert communicator in Thai and English – written, verbal, multimedia
    • Agile project management with Extreme Programming
    • Project direction; prioritization; informed decision
    • Good common sense; expert information gathering and decision making
    • Maintain project profitability
    • Diplomatic issue discussion and resolution
    • High level knowledge on technical tools, current technologies, insights on future technologies
    • Corporate introduction and sales pitching skills are highly advantageous
  4. Ethics

    • Integrity
    • Responsibility
    • Courage
    • Actions over words