Agile Software QA in Bangkok

agile qa bangkok

Software QA

Salary negotiable based on skill and experience.

We are hiring Software QA to work on our many fascinating projects in our Bangkok office.

Role and Responsibility

  1. Requirement analysis and estimation
  2. Software QA with automated test suites
  3. Bug analysis, solution proposal, and test suite implementation
  4. Continuously research and develop new techniques, tools, and technologies


  1. Gender, Age, Degree, Experience, Certification irrelevant
  2. Attitude

    • Passionate in Agile Development work
    • Value software quality over quantity
    • Diligent
    • Passionate learner
    • Strong team spirit
    • Can give and take constructive criticism
  3. Aptitude

    • Agile Manifesto
    • Model View Controller pattern
    • Git
    • Cypress
    • Linux Shell Command (Bash, Zsh)
    • Basic User experience, User interface understanding
  4. Ethics

    • Integrity
    • Responsibility
    • Courage
    • Action over words