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Agile software development Thailand

What Swiftlet Has Done in the Past

Agile software development Thailand | In our still unraveling history, we’ve taken on work for clients in a variety of industries, from agile development of web and app projects for clients in education, manufacturing, and customer relations management to IT advisory roles concerning small system design and implementation. In other words, with wide-reaching experience, Swiftlet has established itself as a trusted partner in Thailand’s emerging tech industry, and an important voice in the local agile scene. Have a look at some of our work here:

  • The Knowledge Bangkok – e-Learning Solutions

The Knowledge is an online learning system that allows teachers to create fun interactive content (audio, video, and other interactive exercises) and track and evaluate their students progress as they study. The platform features backend connection to the school’s management section as well.

  • BrainFit Studio Thailand

Swiftlet developed BrainFit Studio Thailand’s schedule management and customer relations management (CRM). Our work included on-demand class scheduling, customer relationship management, and training for staff.

  • ICPA

For ICPA, a worldwide recruiting company, we helped design and implement a proprietary recruiting process. Beyond that, we created visualized performance and commission reports and worked behind the scenes on data mining and migration.

  • HACO Group

Our team worked in three roles for HACO Group, a large-scale importer and distributer. We provided a CRM solutions, designed and implemented their system, and trained their staff.

  • 10DK Interior Design CRM

We provide a web application platform and mobile application which allows the customers to keep track of their project progress. The platform also allows 10DK to keep track of the payment schedule and a constant communication line with their clients.

  • Pannana

Pannana is a mobile application which provides audio description to motion pictures. It enables the vision-impaired person to enjoy cinemas along side their friends with good experiences to everyone.

  • The Pizza Company

We provided a secret sauce for The Pizza Company to improve their delivery operation.

  • Thaicom

We provided a satellite map on web application to manage thier services.

Other Projects

For other clients, our roles have been diverse and manifold. We have developed software that provides automated manufacturing process control; billing and payment tracking; and just-in-time material sourcing system. We have also worked in an advisory role, providing professional insight on tool selection and designing and implementing small systems.

What’s Going On at Swiftlet

Right now is an exciting time to work at Swiftlet. We are currently developing our very own enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and we have a few other projects in the pipeline, too.

A Brand New ERP – Terebinth Cloud ERP

ระบบ ERP

As it is with every project we launch, our goal is to create an ERP that has the value of a diamond but the price tag of cubic zirconium.

We know that our team has the passion, the intelligence, the skill to create a flexible ERP that clients won’t have to break the bank to use. We are working day and night to tie all aspects of resource planning into one neat little package: accounting, logistics, Inventory, manufacturing control, sales and marketing, HR, recruiting, and right on down the ladder.

We’ve had a blast working together to create an affordable solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We are all eagerly awaiting the launch, but that’s not all we’re up to at Swiftlet.

Visit Terebinth Could ERP to see what we have to offer so far.

The Future at Swiftlet

Always keep one eye focused on the future—that’s what we believe. In continuing to test and expand our boundaries, we hope to venture into other high impact IT products and solutions.

For the moment, we are focusing on web technology, but we are steadily moving toward mobile development. We have plans to build business applications for various industries, whether hotels, e-commerce, or something different.

In order to get to where we want to be, we see our team growing significantly. So get in touch! We are always looking for passionate young talent with positive attitudes.