How we deliver software ? | At Swiftlet we give emphasis to our software development process to get high quality software that meets the needs of our customers. We applied Agile development principles that is highly flexible. We develop new software and solution to solve the new problems that occured. We developed for our social and world sustainability because we are committed to solving problems that all parties will benefit.

How we deliver software

1.  Customer Brief

Present company profile, agile development process and gather initial project requirements.

2.  Analyze The Project

Analyze and recommends the best solution for our customers.

3.  Approach Proposal

Clarify all requirements. Present the solution, pricing plan.

4.  Development

Iteration planning meeting, update project progess. Continuously deliver working code. You will see the  every progresses during development continuously.

5.  User Acceptance Testing

Ensure that the works we delivered are up to the specification and satisfactory.

6.  Delivery Support

Deliver the value to customers with working software and provide a technical support.

Our Development Process

Agile development | We split the delivery into the many iterations to avoid the failure in software development.

Agile development

Want to learn more about Agile Development or want to tell us about your novel innovation.