Software Engineer

Compensation depends on capability and experience, ranging between THB25,000-30,000 /mo.

Role and Responsibility

  • Learn new technologies and provide proof of concept work for new projects

  • Task out and provide estimation for development work

  • Test-Driven-Development approach to software development

  • Bug analysis, correction, and discover similar bugs to prevent future incidents

  • Constantly learn new technologies, present to teammates; adopt new technologies as appropriate


    • Gender, age, education, experience, certificates irrelevant

  • Attitude

    1. Passionate in software development

    2. Quality oriented

    3. Hard working

    4. Take initiatives

    5. Constantly learning

    6. Good team player

    7. Give constructive feedback

  • Aptitude

    1. Agile Manifesto

    2. Object Oriented Programming, Functional Oriented Programming

    3. MVC and other code organization pattern

    4. Language / Platform agnostic.
      – Projects include: Ruby on Rails, Python Django, Phoenix Elixir, Golang, Next.js, Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, MS .NET Core, Flutter, Android Java / Kotlin, iOS Swift
      – SQL, NoSQL databases: MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

    5. Automated testing

    6. Git

    7. Basic knowledge of User Experience, User Interface design

  • Ethics

    1. Integrity

    2. Responsible

    3. Courageous

    4. Let your actions speaks for you